The first six in a new series of coronavirus video guides called the COVID-19 Transport Toolkit produced by FleetCheck and Driving for Better Business have now been made available.

The initial titles are Essential Drivers, Non-Essential Drivers, Business Support, Vehicle Maintenance, Fleet Administration and Housekeeping and The Return to Normal. Each lasts less than 10 minutes and is designed to give an overview of the many challenges fleets will be facing both now and over the coming weeks and months.

Peter Golding, managing director at FleetCheck, explained that more would be added in the coming days and weeks as new problems and concerns became apparent.

He said: “We are a business that has always been very much about how best we can support our customers and that is truer than ever during a crisis event such as this. There are various ways in which we are looking at providing genuinely useful, new services for fleets but the COVID-19 Transport Toolkit is probably the most visible.

“Working in conjunction with Driving for Better Business, we’ve taken the subjects that are being raised most frequently by our customers and produced videos available to everyone that provide pertinent advice in a fast, easy to understand format.”

Simon Turner, Campaign Manager for Driving for Better Business, added: “Our experience over the last few weeks is that there is a thirst for clarity and knowledge among fleets that are facing what I believe we can all agree are unprecedented times.

“The videos should help and, if there are other subjects that businesses want to see tackled, we urge them to get in touch with DfBB or FleetCheck and we will do our best to produce something that answers their need.”

Peter said that the videos had been conceived, written, filmed and placed online by the FleetCheck and Driving for Better Business teams in a matter of days.

“Everything at the moment is about immediacy and, once we had the idea, we wanted to get this done as soon as possible. I’d like to say thanks to everyone involved for completing them so quickly, especially with the constraint of universal home-working.”

Driving for Better Business is a government-backed Highways England programme to raise awareness of the significant benefits that employers in both the private and public sectors can achieve from managing work-related driving more effectively.

The videos can be found HERE