An acceleration in fleet safety checks has seen FleetCheck’s Vehicle Inspection App accelerate past the three million milestone in the last week.

The app was introduced in April, 2017 and took until earlier this year to clock up two million checks, but has passed an additional million in a matter of weeks.

Peter Golding, managing director at FleetCheck, said: “We’ve seen an explosion in checks over the last few weeks. Part of this is because we have signed some significant new clients but we are also seeing existing customers make more checks.

“Our feeling is that there is a general increase in awareness of this kind of product in the market, both among car and commercial vehicle fleets, and that we have been well-placed to take advantage of the trend.

“Why this increase is taking place at this time is difficult to pinpoint but there is certainly a growing interest in simplifying fleet compliance and the app helps fleets achieve that. In some weeks are approaching 200,000 individual checks.”

The Vehicle Inspection App creates the means for drivers and fleet managers of cars, vans, HGVs, buses and coaches to schedule, carry out, confirm, follow-up and audit all kinds of legally-required inspections from daily walkarounds to weekly or monthly checks.

A new, streamlined version of the app aimed mainly at SMEs taking their first steps in compliance, called FleetCheck Driver, was launched in January and provides a simplified solution for fleets that currently have no risk management measures in place.

Peter added that a notable new addition to the app in recent weeks had been a new fit-to-drive declaration covering coronavirus symptoms.

“This has been very well-received by fleets, especially those that are involved in the delivery of essential services. It provides a simple and easy reminder for drivers of the symptoms that they are likely to be experiencing if infected.

“Clearly, when we’re all dealing with something as contagious as coronavirus, this takes on a whole new dimension, especially as many of the fleets still working on a daily basis are home delivery companies that are dealing with the public.”