Not much notice is taken of the fact that probably by far the most popular tool used for managing fleets
At FleetCheck, we often hear from fleets that the standard one-sheet safety checks carried out by dealers when servicing cars
Just like taking out the recycling, walking the dog on a rainy day and mowing the lawn, the walkaround safety
It is estimated that between one quarter and one third of reported road casualties occur in road accidents involving someone
Excel can be a great tool for tabular data or rudimentary forms, and there are occasions when it’s appropriate to
Company vehicles are obvious targets for driver safety programs, but what about the estimated 4 million drivers who run errands
We recently conducted a survey of fleet operators from a wide range of business sectors and size.  The results clearly
GPS is the most accurate way you can track and monitor vehicles within your fleet. Most GPS tracking devices have
As the number of vehicles increases within a business, managing insurance policies can become challenging. Insurance providers offer a solution
FACT: Businesses paid out more than £26m in insurance excess payments as a result of collisions involving company vehicles last