Vehicle safety checks made easy

Say goodbye to chasing paper check sheets.

Regular audited vehicle inspections are a fundamental element of fleet management. Thanks to the mobile technology now available, you can be confident that your inspection process is robust and compliant, with minimal intervention and zero paperwork.

The app is designed to streamline and simplify the vehicle inspection process, making it easy to schedule, carry out, confirm and follow up all forms of inspection.

The robust electronic method is easy to use, alleviating the errors and inefficiencies associated with paper inspection. It also complies with the DVSA safety and maintenance guide.

Product Highlights

  •   Integrates fully with your FleetCheck account
  •   Elimination of paper-based checksheets saving you valuable time
  •   Drivers can instantly upload and send photographic evidence of damage and defects
  •   Design your own custom checksheets
  •   Instant visibility of missed inspections
  •   Report on time taken for each safety check
  •   Record fuel purchases and reduce paperwork
  •   Automated mileage collection for accurate onward management of SMR schedules
  •   Simple, automated scheduling of regular inspections by vehicle/driver
  •   Bespoke inspection routine for specialist equipment
  •   Robust audit trail of inspections; an essential element of compliant fleet management, which extends to LCV-specific FORS and Van Excellence schemes