All types of business rely on road logistics in one way or another.  Most companies would be unable to function without some kind of transport happening during the working week.

Safe driving is an issue that extends far beyond work-related travel.  Every road user has an obligation to contribute positively towards a universal culture of road safety and compliance; the consequences of ignoring this responsibility are just too drastic to overlook.  When driving on business however, the impact of poor driving is even greater; affecting company reputation, employee well-being and increasing costs as well.

FACT: 31% of UK businesses with 100 or more employees are doing nothing to address driver behaviour, nor are 62% of companies with less than 100 employees.1

Furthermore, 70% of British drivers claim that they aren’t given any training or risk management by their employer, despite routinely driving as part of their jobs. The Masternaut study that uncovered these statistics also reveals that 40% of British business drivers are unaware of any legislation surrounding work-related road safety.

Fleet related law makes it clear that it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure their staff that drive for the business are not a hazard to themselves or to other road users.  The very fact that 70% of drivers in the workplace are not being given any form of training to ensure they drive safely and efficiently is a grave indication either of ignorance or incompetence on the part of business operators.

A common objection is that driver training can be too costly to consider.  Even for companies who are focused on training, it is often seen as a luxury that can be trimmed down during lean trading periods.  Both are misconceptions; in fact having a well-trained, qualified driving staff can have a positive financial impact:

  • Better drivers use less fuel.
  • Vehicles are exposed to less wear and tear.
  • Accidents and repairs should be minimised.
  • Insurance premiums are likely to be lower.
  • Managed drivers are happier drivers, and happier drivers are more likely to be loyal and hard working.