Taking away the worries of fleet management

As managing a fleet isn’t your main role, FleetCheck will ensure everything is handled correctly, leaving you to get on with what you know best.

Still using Spreadsheets to manage your vehicles and drivers?


Missed key dates such as MOT, PMI and road tax.
Risk of insecure, lost or corrupt data.
Lack of compliance due to missing records.
Time wasted identifying and correcting errors.

Wouldn't you rather have?

Proactive alerts to ensure key dates don't get missed.
A secure online platform accessible anywhere, any time.
Confidence your vehicles and drivers are complaint.
More time to focus on other tasks.

Solutions for all your fleet needs

Our multi-award-winning software solutions are fast becoming the industry standard.

Driver Licence Checking

Never miss a licence check again. Safeguard your company against fines, prosecution or financial exposure from unlicenced or unentitled drivers.

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Pre-use inspections

Walkaround check app to plan, carry out, communicate and record all forms of essential vehicle and driver safety, including submit fit to drive declarations, input fuel purchases, report incidents and more.

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Vehicle and driver management

With FleetCheck you no longer have to rely on spreadsheets or manual systems to manage your fleet data. FleetCheck provides an easy transition to an intuitive, easy to use system.

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Managing your fleet costs less than you think

Easy to set up, intuitive to use

Our fleet management system is intuitive to use and simple to set up. You can complete a data capture form, or simply send us your existing spreadsheets. We’ll do the rest.

Thanks to its intuitive navigation, minimal training is required to use your FleetCheck system.

Never miss important dates

Unique to FleetCheck is our ‘traffic light’ alerting system, which proactively notifies key dates including:

  •  MOTs and services
  •  Driver training
  •  Licence checking

And more…

The fleet management software for small business that handles everything

You can link your FleetCheck account to a multitude of third-party systems, including:

  •   Fuel card
  •   Telematics
  •   Licence checking
  •   Vehicle leasing and finance information
  •   Incident management information

With over 250 data streams supported, it’s easy to connect all your information sources, resulting in a highly comprehensive, accurate view of your fleet.  Reporting becomes much more insightful, and you’ll save valuable time through a reduction in duplicated work.

Fleet management software for small business

Easily manage drivers, policies and procedures

FleetCheck fleet management software for small business makes is easy to manage driver data, including licence checking, vehicle assignment, training information and more.

Included with the software is Policy Manager, a legally robust portal that gives businesses the tools, templates and ability to manage fleet-related health and safety with confidence.

How FleetCheck has helped...

Hope for Tomorrow now have all their fleet related documentation in one place and no longer need to trawl through spreadsheets looking for vital information.  Everything is now recorded so there is a complete audit trail of activity, from service and maintenance, to invoices and driver information.

As Jayne Foster, operations co-ordinator commented, “The system is so easy to use and the guidance and expertise we’ve received from FleetCheck is second to none.”

No more fragmented vehicle and driver data

With FleetCheck you’ll have key vehicle and driver information available at the click of a button 24/7.

Our online system stores everything from core vehicle details, defect photographs, MOT and road tax dates to driver licence details, eye sight checks and DVLA penalty points. Users can also benefit from unlimited document storage ensuring that nothing goes missing.



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