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Do more with your Ctrack data

No more fragmented data, no need to have multiple sources of data sat in different spreadsheets or systems.

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Find out how FleetCheck and Ctrack can make your fleet management easy


The simpler way to look after your fleet

Connect your Ctrack data to FleetCheck and revolutionise how you manage your fleet. When a market-leading fleet management platform works together with outstanding telematics technology, great things happen.

Join up all the things you need most

Enjoy the highest quality driver and vehicle fleet management solution that integrates with over 350 data streams including automated vehicle mileage collection for accurate, efficient forward-planning.

Our integrated solution gives total fleet visibility in real-time. It is both flexible and scalable, and empowers you with instant access to the level of information you need, anywhere, any time.

Simplify service planning
Up to date mileage information for the management of vehicle advisories, service planning and lease mileage allowances.

Stamp out problematic fuel usage
Combine live mileage and automated fuel import data to gain visibility and notification of excessive consumption caused by faulty vehicles, poor driving habits or potential fuel theft

Know your high risk, high-cost drivers
Record incidences of any drivers taking risks or failing to meet minimum driving standards with proactive management alerts.

Legal peace of mind
Robust audit trail to ensure your driver and vehicle management meets your legal compliance and duty of care.

tructyre atsHow FleetCheck has helped...

As their fleet grew, the day to day running of Tructyre’s fleet was becoming almost unmanageable. By implementing FleetCheck and Ctrack telematics, the business has saved hours in admin whilst putting thousands of pounds back on to the bottom line.

As Darren Swanborough, Group Fleet Maintenance Manager commented, “If we were still using spreadsheets, my job would be so much harder”

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