What exactly is fleet management?

Keeping a fleet of vehicles on the road takes an awful lot of organisation.  Once upon a time, fleet management was largely about handling practical tasks as they arose in order to keep vehicles legal and drivers productive.  Data was minimal; technology basic. Modern fleet management is a very different story – every day your business is bombarded with information from all directions – information about where the vehicles are, how much they’re costing, how […]

The limitations of spreadsheets for fleets

Not much notice is taken of the fact that probably by far the most popular tool used for managing fleets is not designed for that purpose at all. It’s Excel, the Microsoft spreadsheet. This isn’t just the case in small fleets. We quite regularly come across organisations who have adopted a combination of spreadsheets and paper systems to run fleets of more than a 1,000 vehicles. However, compared to specialist software, this approach cannot help […]