Which Driving Technique Saves Fuel?

Raising awareness around fuel usage within your organisation is one of the “easy wins” to make a positive impact on your bottom line and save money. If that isn’t motivation enough, saving fuel also has a positive impact on the environment, reduces oil dependence costs, and increases energy sustainability. We’ve covered some ways you can make substantial fuel savings across your fleet of vehicles before. However, there are also a number of things individual drivers […]

Why you need to keep “walkaround” checks interesting

The walkaround check is very much at the frontline of risk management for fleets, whether it is a simple tyres, levels and lights check for a company car driver or the more formal and controlled checks that commercial vehicle drivers have to complete under VOSA regulations. What these checks have in common is that they are prone to complacency over time, that drivers start to tick the boxes without really looking properly at the areas […]

Walkaround- the easy way

Just like taking out the recycling, walking the dog on a rainy day and mowing the lawn, the walkaround safety check can feel like a chore. Life would be so much easier if our drivers could simply jump into their van, turn on the radio and start the day. But instead they must find the clipboard and a pen that works, then fill out yet another form, remembering to hand it in to the office […]