RJ Leighfield & Sons Ltd are a family-run building and civil engineering contracting firm, established over 130 years ago and based in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire.  Their core business is mainly in the south west, and their experience and reputation has led to them being one of the most successful and respected SMEs in the area.  Their fleet size has fluctuated considerably over the years, but currently they run 9 company cars and 3 light commercials.


Operators of small fleets suffer from a common set of challenges, starting with ownership of the daily administration.  The fleet isn’t large enough to employ a fleet manager, so it is down to someone to fit it in with their ‘day job’.  Often that person will have little or no understanding of fleet, or, as in RJ Leighfield’s case, it’s taken on by a senior person who already has numerous bucks stopping at their door.

Neil Golding is the company’s Finance Director with responsibility for health and safety, quality assurance, HT, IT and operations.  So with fleet management being yet another ball to juggle, processes need to be efficient, reliable and as concise as possible.

How FleetCheck Helped

FleetCheck was implemented by RJ Leighfield over a decade ago, as the fleet had grown and Neil was finding it difficult to keep on top of it with the spreadsheets and manual diary systems he had been using to date.  Relief was immediate; Neil found he could dispense with his manual systems and channel all fleet admin through the software.  The alerts system made it easy to forward-plan services, MOTs, tax renewals and repairs, so vehicle downtime was kept to an absolute minimum – crucial for a construction firm such as theirs.  Vehicle and driver documents could be scanned and stored within the system, greatly reducing paperwork and the time taken to access them later on.

Soon after implementing the FMS, FleetCheck also supplied RJ Leighfield with a telematics system for their vans.  Telematics data was integrated with the software, giving Neil a completely comprehensive, joined-up picture of vehicle and driver activity.  This proved an enormous success, as Neil explains: “Drivers are now more careful and incidents are definitely reduced.  And we’ve used telematics data to our advantage in a number of accident situations and insurance claims; it’s helped us verify circumstances and consequently save a huge amount of money.  Tracking our vans is one of the best decisions we’ve made and I often wish I’d done it much sooner.”

Compliance was another key priority for Neil; he needed complete assurance that vehicles, drivers and organizational procedures were legally robust.  Soon after RJ Leighfield moved to FleetCheck the Corporate Manslaughter Act came into place, and as a director of the company Neil knew that it was now more important than ever that the fleet was managed with optimum diligence and care.  FleetCheck gave him complete confidence in this area.  In his words: “Having all of this in hand via FleetCheck is a great weight off my mind.”

Results and ROI

Today RJ Leighfield depends on FleetCheck for all of their fleet management tasks.  Vehicle maintenance is under complete control, and intuitive reporting means that Neil has complete transparency of costs and can easily spot exceptions for prompt resolution.  Management time is kept to a minimum, and Neil and his fellow directors enjoy a trouble-free, watertight fleet.

When asked if there is anything that FleetCheck isn’t currently doing for RJ Leighfied that they would like to see added, Neil simply summarized: “No. Absolutely nothing. It’s the complete one-stop-shop for our fleet.  Every SME should have a fleet management system in place, especially if the directors value a good night’s sleep!”