Running a fleet of 18 mini buses, six people carriers and one van, The Percey Headley Foundation offer a wide range of services to children, young people and adults. Their education services include Hedleys Percy Hedley School, Hedleys Northern Counties School, Hedleys College and residential and respite care for all ages.  They also run an Employability Project, Hedleys Employability, which works with employers to improve employment opportunities for disabled people, and Hedleys Sport, offering a wide range of disability sports for all ages.

How FleetCheck Helped

Prior to implementing FleetCheck, the weekly pre-checks consisted of a signature in the mileage log book and driving licences only checked upon starting employment. This meant there were no paper trails and defects were sometimes missed, plus there were no pre-booked, scheduled services or MOTs in place.

Now, each driver completes a pre-use check using the FleetCheck Mobile App.  The transport team can respond to any vehicle defects, immediately arranging services and repairs, as well as being able to ring the driver to check the vehicle is safe to use.  The driver can also see the information about the vehicle i.e. date of service, MOT and insurance renewal date, giving peace of mind that they are transporting people safely.

This has allowed the Percey Headley Foundation to create a weekly vehicle check list, which allows them to log tyre depths, ascertain whether fluids need topping up and so forth.

Results and ROI

As a direct result of the FleetCheck Mobile App, they now have all service dates, MOTs, LOLer test dates and driving licence details on the system, and coming soon, MIDAS training and refresher dates.

All vehicles now receive a pre-use check and a in depth weekly check.  Using the app on mobile phones means paper work does not go missing.  Drivers have key information to hand and they now know defects are repaired promptly.  You can’t put a value on the result – safer vehicles and passengers.