Melksham Motor Spares are a distributor of quality automotive parts and accessories in Wiltshire, Somerset and the surrounding areas. A family firm established in the 1960s, they have enjoyed consistent growth and earnt an enviable reputation as the region’s premier motor factor.

It goes without saying that Melksham Motor Spares relies on its fleet to keep business moving.  They currently run 24 light commercials, 2 trucks and 2 company cars.


Melksham have always known how important it is to keep on top of the fleet, particularly as a company that depends so heavily on their vehicles.  They were managing day to day fleet tasks via paper-based systems and much of the responsibility for booking services and other key events was delegated to the drivers, who were, on the whole, handling things adequately.  But in 2007, the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter Act was the catalyst that drove them to take fleet management to the next level.

The directors wanted complete assurance that they were legally compliant, and that the processes they had in place were watertight.  They were inherently aware that they were ultimately accountable for any breaches, so to safeguard their drivers, the company and of course their own peace of mind, they took the decision to invest in better, more robust systems.

Finance director and fleet manager Alison Cook said: “ultimately anything that goes wrong in the fleet comes back to us, so all the more reason why we have to have robust controls in place and make sure that they are adhered to.”

How FleetCheck Helped

Melksham Motor Spares implemented FleetCheck’s fleet management software at the same time as installing telematics on FleetCheck’s advice.  The combination of the two has results in a great many benefits, most significantly:

  • Integrating the data from telematics into FleetCheck meant that vehicle mileages were auto-updated, meaning no more manual mileage checks; a great instant benefit for Alison and her team.
  • Use of the software enabled Alison to very quickly gain complete control of all vehicle and driver related activity, so all paper-based processed were eliminated and tasks were forward-planned, properly managed and recorded for future reference.
  • An enormous amount of administration time has been saved as a result of using FleetCheck’s software. Alison explains: “without the system to handle our fleet administration, we would definitely need to recruit more staff to keep on top of the various checks, tasks and reports.”

Results and ROI

Since moving to FleetCheck, Melksham Motor Spares enjoy complete confidence that their fleet is properly managed, their processes are legally compliant, their costs are monitored and their drivers are safe.  Alison has total control over daily activity, and thanks to FleetCheck’s intuitive system of alerts, she can forward-plan vehicle maintenance schedules efficiently to minimize downtime.  When asked to summarise her experience, she told us this:

“Our original reason for seeking a fleet management solution was compliance.  We just wanted to be sure we were legal…it was as simple as that.  But within a very short time of using FleetCheck it was clear that we were benefitting in numerous other ways; such as saving an enormous amount of admin time and having greater control over our fleet costs.”