Krispy Kreme UK Ltd is the famous creator of luxury treats…It operates 61 HGVs, 12 LGVs and 14 fork lift trucks across 14 different locations in the UK.  These vehicles travel almost five million km a year, making 1000 delicious deliveries every morning across 73 different routes.

How FleetCheck Helped

In 2011, the business was experiencing rapid growth.  They urgently needed an online system to help them manage both their fleet safely, and their compliance requirements.  Managing fragmented data from spreadsheets and paper records was a challenge as any operator knows.

The FleetCheck Mobile App has been built into the hand-held devices used by drivers.  Krispy Kreme’s high standards request that drivers perform two checks – one pre-shift and the other at the end of shift.  The recorded data is then sent directly back to the FleetCheck system.

With drivers starting deliveries at 3am, it means that if there’s a potential defect or advisory, by the time the driver returns to base, action has already been taken to rectify the reported concern.   Either an engineer will be awaiting the driver on return, or the vehicle booked into the service centre, with all the information needed to turn the vehicle around quickly having been sent ahead.  This means the mechanics can order parts, if needed.  The result is less time spent in the garage and greater productivity.

The FleetCheck Dashboard has proved hugely useful, with information such as monthly mileage versus maintenance spend allowing them to manage their drivers and fleet far more effectively.  Bringing in live mileage data means they can now easily project management vehicle servicing schedules with the relevant provider, which helps the dealers plan their schedules.

The ‘Suppliers’ feature adds to the time savings they now enjoy.  By simply logging into the system, they can view a list of preferred suppliers with contact details.  Everyone has access to this essential information, available in one place, 24 hours a day.

FleetCheck also helps Krispy Kreme to promote good HR practice.  It holds driver photograph records as well as emergency contact numbers, which can be accessed 24/7.  The data also shows them who is ‘driver of the month’, allowing them to celebrate good practice within the team.  Extra touches include ‘birthday reminders’, allowing the team to send a card to the depot.

Results and ROI

Without FleetCheck, Krispy Kreme would spend many more hours allocating paperwork.  Instead, it runs as an efficient operator, leading the way as an example of excellent fleet and driver management.

As Krispy Kreme’s compliance and standards manager, Scott Austin, commented when joining the organisation, “It’s exactly what every business should have, I can’t praise it enough”.

Drivers feel secure and listened to, knowing that problems get dealt with quickly, ultimately resulting in safer vehicles.

From a reputation perspective, the vehicles look safe and well cared for on the road.

In the words of Ben Povey, National Transport Manager at Krispy Kreme, “The system has helped massively, without it we would have been constantly on the phone or in the car driving between sites supporting local inefficiencies.

“At the click of a button, I’ve got all the information I need.  Although we keep hard copies of drivers training records and risk assessments, and each vehicle has a hard copy of its own vehicle history, we upload all documents to FleetCheck, allowing us to view files any-time, anywhere.

“FleetCheck has allowed us to have full control of our vehicle and driver alerts, which has led to improved efficiencies, and kept our OCRS score green.  It’s been vital for our business.”