Hydrock is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy and specialist land remediation contracting business.  Recently ranked 9th in the 2016 Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For, Hydrock’s people work in a variety of complex and high profile environments spanning the UK, and their fleet is of course integral to the successful mobilization of their business.

Hydrock have a varied mix of cars, light commercials, 4x4s and minibuses making up a fleet of more than 250 vehicles, as well as a sizeable grey fleet element too.


Historically, the fleet was managed using a collection of multiple spreadsheets.  And sophisticated spreadsheets at that; all intricately linked together and driven by a head-spinning compendium of formulas.  But with complexity came uncertainty.  Data was open to user error and duplication of input, and issues were arising from multiple copies being in circulation and access/permission limitations.

And these problems were compounding fast.  As the engineering industry recovered from the impact of the financial crisis, Hydrock saw a sharp increase in business and with that came an increase in fleet management requirements.  The fleet had almost doubled in size between 2011 and 2013, and the team was struggling to keep the fleet and its drivers legally compliant.

How FleetCheck Helped

Hydrock embarked on a trial of FleetCheck in early 2013, and within days of starting out they had decided to make it a permanent fixture.  FleetCheck worked closely with the fleet manager, Rachel Williams, on the migration of existing data, and Rachel was pleasantly surprised at the ease and speed at which the data was uploaded.

Often companies are daunted by the task of moving their system, particularly when the spreadsheets they are using have taken many years and a great deal of technical skill to develop.  But FleetCheck makes the transition easy – data is intelligently extracted from spreadsheets and other legacy systems, and the software is delivered to the end user in a populated, ‘ready to go format.

Rachel commented: “We immediately loved the system, and it was clear from the start how much time it was going to save.”  FleetCheck has now replaced every one of the spreadsheets that Hydrock were using to monitor and manage their fleet, and Rachel and her team rely on the system to streamline a multitude of internal processes spanning vehicle management, driver management and keeping on top of the grey fleet.  Automated import of external data and intuitive reporting makes cost control straightforward, meaning less time is spent on manual input and data collection.

Daily tasks undertaken via FleetCheck include drivers’ licence checks, recording of service, MOT and maintenance information, grey fleet data storage, driver communication and activity logs.  Reporting is scheduled in line with organizational commitments, and report criteria can be easily adjusted to drill into specific areas of priority or concern.

Results and ROI

Moving away from a fragmented system of data storage into a purpose-built fleet management software solution has been a resounding success for Hydrock.

Reduced admin time and more robust processes have resulted in significant cost savings, particularly around fuel consumption, service and maintenance costs and excess mileage charges.  Fleet management has become more proactive, and with Rachel at the helm and FleetCheck in support, the company is more confident than ever that the fleet is in great hands.