Blind Veterans UK support people who have served in the Armed Forces and are now living with sight loss.  The charity runs a fleet of 93 cars and vans.  Until 2016 they had been managing their fleet administration through a variety spreadsheets, databases and other paper-based methods.  These were becoming increasingly fragmented and time consuming, and Head of Transport, Chris Kirk lived with constant anxiety that something important may be overlooked.  It was time for a change.

How FleetCheck Helped

Chris discovered FleetCheck in early 2016, whilst visiting the annual Commercial Vehicle Show.  He’d already been actively looking at fleet software, but to date hadn’t found the right solution for the charity.  A few minutes into a discussion with FleetCheck’s representatives however, Chris knew it would be the perfect fit, and Blind Veterans UK have been avid users of the software ever since.

Since adopting FleetCheck, Chris and his team work with peace of mind that their fleet is under complete control.  The fleet department remains, of course, incredibly busy but they have felt a tangible shift in their approach.  Previously reactive and often disjointed fleet management has given way to a joined up, proactive and highly efficient operation.  Chris now has access to a wealth of new and insightful data, giving him a far more detailed picture of vehicle and driver performance, and everything is now in one central place with a fully integrated history of activity.


A year on, Blind Veterans are still discovering new ways they can use FleetCheck to make things run even more smoothly for the fleet department.  Improving efficiency and ensuring compliance were the primary objectives at the outset, but Chris has reported significant cost savings as a welcome by-product of having more data at his fingertips.

FleetCheck has transformed fleet management for the charity.  Previously challenging tasks such as driving licence checks, accident/incident reporting, VOR status and PMI schedules are no longer a problem, and FleetCheck’s acclaimed ‘traffic light’ alert system makes sure that nothing can go unnoticed.

Chris Kirk, Head of Transport says “FleetCheck have been invaluable partners in the journey to becoming completely transport compliant. In a day and age where duty of care and compliance is everything, we can’t quite believe how we were managing to stay on top of things before FleetCheck came and revolutionised the way we do things. We are extremely grateful to them for their software and continued support.”