Barlows UK Ltd run a fleet of 234 vans. They were relying on a combination of spreadsheets and paper-based systems to store all of their vehicle and driver information. With a sizeable fleet, multiple branches and a hectic driving schedule to juggle, they were finding it increasingly hard to keep track of data – spreadsheets were becoming overly complex and retrieving information quickly was practically impossible. As the data bank grew, the fleet manager was also struggling to compare and analyse fleet activity, and was concerned that he may be missing instances of excessive cost, high risk or poor vehicle/driver performance.

How FleetCheck Helped

Since moving over to FleetCheck, Barlows have reported a transformation in the way their fleet is managed. Migrating vehicle and driver records to the software has enabled them to work in a much more organised, proactive manner, with a visible audit trail of everything that happens on the fleet on a day to day basis. Reporting is no longer stressful – having instant access to crucial information at the touch of a button has freed up an enormous amount of time which the fleet manager has been able to divert to other tasks, such as analysing vehicle performance and negotiating more favourable deals with suppliers.

Results and ROI

Fleet Manager Mark Barlow told us: “we particularly like the ability to book services and MOTs via the system; it makes it far easier to forward-plan and track progress, and we have complete confidence that an MOT or service is never missed. Each of our 21 depot managers has access to FleetCheck, so they can instantly see the costs and maintenance details that impact them. This is a significant improvement on our previous system – with spreadsheets it was virtually impossible for the depots to have any level of control or input.”