Don’t overlook your ‘Grey Fleet’

Britain has been revealed to be a nation of hidden business fleets, with a third of British drivers who drive as part of their job

It’s time to say goodbye to spreadsheets

If you’re involved in the daily grind of fleet management, you’ll no doubt be up to your eyes in spreadsheets. Good old spreadsheets. It’s a

HR issues when managing fleet

Vehicles need to be treated with the same caution and governance as any dangerous machinery if you are to avoid exposing your staff to unnecessary

Identify, manage and monitor your incidents.

Fleets should have a clear procedure in place should a driver be involved in an incident. Driver training, ongoing education programmes, telematics, vehicle safety checks,

Why dealer safety checks need to change

We often hear from fleets that the standard one-sheet safety checks carried out by dealers when servicing cars and vans need to provide more useful

Here’s why you shouldn’t use spreadsheets to manage your fleet

It sounds counter-intuitive not to use spreadsheets to manage your vehicles, but an Excel document can’t compete with bespoke software. On the face of it,

Why you need to keep “walkaround” checks interesting

The walkaround check is very much at the frontline of risk management for fleets, whether it is a simple tyres, levels and lights check for

Why your vans might need more regular checks

Commercial vehicles weighing less than 3.5-tonnes fall outside of the scope of a DVSA operator licence. They still need frequent, scheduled checks under law, but

Are “with maintenance” vehicles being maintained?

Many employers choose to lease their cars and vans with an inclusive maintenance package. It’s a good idea, helping to spread the cost of maintenance

What exactly is fleet management?

Looking after fleets can be mystifying. FleetCheck aims to demystify fleet management. Keeping a fleet of vehicles on the road takes an awful lot of

Managing legal compliance and risk

Running a fleet – if not done properly – can be a legal minefield, and we can’t stress enough how vital it is that you

FREE Fleet Health Check

We recently conducted a survey of fleet operators from a wide range of business sectors and size.  The results clearly demonstrated that regardless of fleet

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This ‘health check’ will take you through the key areas of fleet management, helping you to establish how things stand.

The health check will take about 10 minutes to complete. It’s essentially a straightforward, multiple-choice questionnaire about the methods and processes used in your company to manage the fleet.

It's designed with one primary purpose in mind: to encourage you to challenge - and ultimately optimise - the effectiveness of your fleet management processes.

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What do you do with daily fleet administration and management?

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How do you deal with "Grey Fleet" vehicles?

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Tell us about your Vehicle Replacement Policy?

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How do you manage driver licence checks?

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How do you assess the competence of new drivers?

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How do you monitor driver behaviour?

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How do you investigate driving incidents?

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How do you carry out risk assessments for existing drivers?

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How do you identify who was driving a specific vehicle at any given time?

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How we ensure drivers are ‘fit to drive’

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What process do you have in place for driver working hours?

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What is your policy on mobile equipment and devices?

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How do you manage fuel use?

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How do you recognise and manage fleet-related risks?

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Do you communicate your road safety policy to drivers?

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Do you provide regular updates for your drivers?

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How do you share important information with senior management?

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5 Top Tips for Effective Fleet Management

Find out how to solve five of the biggest challenges you face and some of the consequences of getting it wrong.

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