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Back to Work

With our FORS Back to Work portal and Ready for the Road App all FORS members will have access to all the essentials needed for managing this next crucial step.

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Our complete package of manager portal and drivers’ app is completely free to use until 2021 and provides a robust way to safely get all drivers and vehicles ready for the road again.

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Vehicles that haven’t been used for many weeks can’t simply be put straight back on the road and will need a thorough inspection before the vehicle is used again.

The app includes a detailed 20-point checklist (devised by Mercedes-Benz Vans) to help the driver ensure the vehicle is fully roadworthy. Failure to do so could see an increase in breakdowns and other incidents caused by mechanical failure. Further information also shows the driver how to sanitise the vehicle effectively.


Drivers will be coming back to a different environment than they knew before. They will need time to readjust to higher traffic levels but will also have new challenges to contend with as more commuters take to the roads to avoid public transport.

The driver declaration form included in the app will confirm their awareness to managers as well as their fitness to drive (free of COVID-19 symptoms) and their acceptance of new policies such as vehicle sanitisation.


The app sends the completed checks to a management portal where the employer can manage any vehicle maintenance or repairs that are needed, and communicate any changes in policy such as handwashing and vehicle cleaning direct to drivers.

The management portal includes links to the latest government guidance relating to vehicles during COVID-19 as well as resources exclusively created for the COVID-19 Transport Toolkit.


Key Features

  •  Elimination of paper checklists with associated chasing and filing
  •  Thorough digital safety check for mothballed vehicles
  •  Drivers can submit photographic evidence of defects or damage
  •  Receipt, acknowledgement and acceptance of COVID-19 guidance
  •  ‘Fit to drive’ driver declaration including COVID-19 symptoms
  • COVID-19 transport risk assessment template
  •  Daily vehicle sanitisation checklist
  •  Cloud-based manager dashboard to monitor compliance
  •  Robust audit trail of all legally required actions
  •  Push messaging to reinforce safety messages and driving for work policy

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It’s easy to get started

And it’s free*. No credit card required.

*Free until 31/12/2020 with no commitment, £2 per vehicle per month thereafter.