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Accurate Fuel Management

A solution to every challenge faced by fleet operators.

Fuel is an enormous business overhead, FACT. 

With ever increasing pump prices and a dependency on vehicles to keep business moving, you'd be forgiven for thinking fuel costs are out of your control.  True, we can't do much to influence what we pay for fuel, however we CAN influence how much fuel our fleets use, by making some subtle changes and increasing scrutiny closer to home. 

Driver behaviour, vehicle maintenance, vehicle selection, journey management and tyre care can all have a surprising impact on your fuel costs, and FleetCheck gives you simple, effective solutions to all of these factors, helping you control fuel consumption and keep your costs to an absolute minimum.

Benefits Include:

Flexible integration of data from your fuelcard provider for a complete picture.

Automatic allocation of fuel against vehicle/driver for accurate costing and MPG breakdown.

A range of MPG analysis tools with exception reporting for easy identification of problem vehicles/drivers.

Clear visibility of vehicle maintenance issues that are causing excessive fuel consumption.

Technology to help you monitor driver behaviour and spot fuel-heavy driving habits.

Reliable identification of potential fuel theft.

Tools and advice to help you reduce your HMRC liability on fuel expenditure.

Accurate CO2 reporting and support with carbon footprint reduction.

Licence Checking
We help you fulfil your legal obligations to ensure that your staff driving licences are valid and that they cover the vehicle they are driving.
The FleetCheck Solution
Uniquely designed to adapt perfectly to every size and type of fleet.
Vehicle Telematics
Monitor driving behaviour, fuel consumption and the GPS location, all in real time.
Driver Management
Through our range of unique and targeted risk solutions we deliver results that ensure Better Driving for your Business.
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