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Trusted by 100's of companies across the UK.
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I found it easy to get up and running, once I got used to the software I began to use the more complex functionality that was available. We have already received improvements to the software at no extra cost; FleetCheck keep on improving the product, making it an invaluable tool for our business.

Keira Maria – Fleet Manager, Sharland Roofing Ltd
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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't run a fleet, OR I only have a couple of vehicles. Surely I don't need a fleet policy?

Even the smallest of fleets requires a management strategy, including an audit trail to demonstrate that vehicles and drivers are compliant. Typically it is the smaller operators who benefit the most from the guidance and support FleetCheck gives them, because in the absence of a dedicated fleet manager they may previously have been in the dark about certain legislation, time/cost saving initiatives and compliance issues.

I have managed up until now; why do I need any help?

Legislation is constantly changing and in order to avoid putting themselves in a vulnerable position, companies need to have a robust means of managing their duty of care and keeping on top of their responsibilities. And as the economy continues to put pressure on businesses, you need to be confident your fleet running costs are as low as they can possibly be. A combination of the right advice and sensible fleet management systems will ensure you achieve all of these things.

I leave it up to my drivers to make sure their vehicles are properly maintained.

Whilst it is good practice for drivers to carry out regular vehicle safety checks and report defects, ultimately the company is legally accountable for the maintenance and compliance of any vehicle allocated to an employee to drive on company business, and therefore overall responsibility cannot be delegated.

We don't supply company vehicles. Our staff drive their own vehicles on business, so we don't need a fleet management system.

Staff who are expected to drive their own private vehicle on company business, even occasionally, are known as 'Grey Fleet' drivers and their vehicles fall into the 'Grey Fleet' category. Clearly these vehicles are not under the control of the company in the same way that company-owned vehicles are, but the company's responsibilities towards the driver - and therefore to the vehicle - are the same. In order to be compliant with duty of care obligations it is essential that a company operating a Grey Fleet applies a sound policy that safeguards both itself and its drivers.

We are happy to carry on using our system of spreadsheets and/or whiteboards to manage our vehicles and drivers.

It's true that many companies use these kind of systems to manage their fleet administration, and often spreadsheets can be very sophisticated. However data stored in these formats can be fragmented, exposed to user error and may not be accessible to all interested parties. FleetCheck users who have converted from spreadsheet/whiteboard based systems realise overwhelming benefits in moving to fleet software, normally around user access, reporting options and consolidation of data onto one online platform.

We take a copy of drivers' licences when they join the company, and it's their responsibility to let us know if there are any changes after that.

One of four driving licences could be invalid, according to joint research carried out by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). So even if you are taking a copy of your drivers licence on joining the company, how can you be sure that they are legally permitted to drive, as well as being entitled to operate the class of vehicle you are assigning to them? And how can you keep track of any penalty points or convictions they may have? Taking a copy at day one is simply not an adequate measure of licence checking; you have a duty of care to ensure drivers are safe and legal, and without a robust checking process you are leaving your company exposed to legal consequences, particularly in the event of road traffic accident involving an unlicenced driver. A simple but sound checking process will remove these risks and help you spot problems before they get out of control.

Why do I need a fleet management system?

Because quite simply you have a duty of care to keep your drivers - and, by default, your vehicles - safe and legal. Without some form of system in place it is impossible to keep on top of the multitude of responsibilities that come with fleet management; from the standard tasks like servicing, MOT and tax renewals, right through to the more complex accident recording, defect management, warranty management and advisory repair tracking. All of these things, and many more besides, need adequate management, and the system you choose as a framework needs to be reliable, accessible and provide a platform for a robust audit trail.

How exactly can FleetCheck save me money?

Every aspect of FleetCheck is designed to help you run a more economical fleet, and there are countless ways in which we can help you save money. Moving towards a more cost effective preventative maintenance programme, minimising vehicle downtime, bringing you discounts on vehicle maintenance, vehicle supply and funding, analysing your fuel spend and helping you bring down your fuel bill; these are just some of the ways that FleetCheck customers are enjoying significant reductions on their fleet costs.

I don't have the time to put any more work into managing my fleet.

You will be surprised at the minimal time and effort needed to set up your FleetCheck system. Your vehicles will be uploaded by our team, therefore your account will be delivered to you in a 'ready to go' format. And the peace of mind that comes with having a robust, compliant and cost effective system will far outweigh any concerns you may have over time constraints.

Is there a legal requirement to have a fleet management system?

There is a legal requirement to protect your drivers and make sure that their occupational activities - in this case, driving - are safe and compliant with appropriate legislation. Work related driving is subject to a wealth of complex legal regulations, and in order to have total peace of mind that you are compliant, you need to (a) know your company's responsibilities, (b) have adequate policies and procedures in place in order to meet those responsibilities, and (c) consistently carry them out. Whilst there is no legal requirement to have a fleet software system, it really is the most failsafe way to keep abreast of all of your obligations in a manner that is fully auditable, time-efficient and cost effective.

Trusted by 100's of companies across the UK
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